Mark Cuban Destroys Skip Bayless

This is just priceless.  I’m so glad “journalists” like Bayless are being called out; it’s clear he doesn’t know the first thing about basketball.  Just simply hilarious when Cuban absolutely stumps him, such as when he asks “why do you think Lebron was just standing out in the perimeter [last year against the Mavs]?” and “tell me what defense they were in?”

There is a reason that people go to bloggers like MGoBlog and Touch the Banner.  There is real intelligent conversation and analysis there.  What the general media puts out in terms of sports coverage is, in fact, just shit.  They have gone from enriching people’s knowledge of the game to dumbing it down, because it is easier to control and get viewings/ratings from a stupider audience.  Fortunately, the internet will destroy them in the future, as will billionaires who are infinitely smarter than Skip Bayless, evidently.


Hiatus Until the Season Starts

I’ve been working some long hours recently, and together with other stuff in my life and trying to stay active and healthy, there hasn’t been as much time to focus on this blog.

I plan to regularly add new content once the season starts.  Thanks for reading.