I am a recent graduate of the University of Michigan with an extreme passion for Michigan  football and college football in general.  I wanted an outlet to express my thoughts, so I started this blog.  There are, of course, many great blogs on Michigan football out there.  MGoBlog, Touch the Banner, Tremendous, the list goes on.  It’s safe to say that Michigan probably has the greatest representation out there in the college football blogosphere, and all these sites produce top quality content by people closer to the game then myself.  It’s not my intention to compete with any of them; rather, my blog is just a way to get out a logical, rational fan’s thoughts on the game in general.

Of course, I have strong interests outside of college football.  I will likely often post things that I find interesting or insightful.  These will probably include product reviews (I have a weakness for truly great, quality products made with passion), thoughts on business and technology, philosophical musings on life, ethics, and other random things.


One thought on “Genesis

  1. I too have a tremendous passion for college sports (mostly football) but I am also anticipating your non-sports related topics. I’ve looked for a while for a good place to have well-thought out discussions with rational, logical people. If your first two posts are any indication, I will look forward to many more!

    Best of luck to your blogging endeavors,
    A fellow Michigan Fan

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